Google's New "Filter By" Feature Revamps Product Searches

Google is currently rolling out a new SERP (Search Engine Results Page) feature designed specifically for product searches. There’s no official name for it yet, so we’re calling it the ‘Filter By’ SERP feature. The ‘Filter By’ feature adds clever refinement options to search results, making it easier for shoppers to narrow their choices and find exactly what they need. Here’s what this new feature means for both shoppers and businesses.

How the "Filter By" Feature Works

The "Filter By" feature adds a smart layer of filtering to Google searches for products. When you look for a product, relevant filters will pop up on the left-hand side of the SERP for desktop users. These filters are contextual, meaning they'll adjust based on the specific product category you're browsing.

For instance, if you search for "trainers", common filters might include:

Brand: Nike, Adidas, New Balance, etc.

Size: Standard UK shoe sizes

Material: Canvas, Mesh, Nylon, etc.

Features: Active, Slip-resistant, Waterproof, etc.

Benefits for Shoppers… and Brands

Improved Product Discovery

Google Search users can now thankfully say goodbye to endless scrolling, and brands can say hello to more search traffic if their product pages are optimised with the correct copy and structured data optimisation to fit their category.

The "Filter By" feature lets shoppers who are initially unsure of exactly what they’re after or those of us who aren’t experts at crafting a perfect search query pinpoint the exact product specifications we’re after with a few extra clicks.

This is a HUGE opportunity for stores on top of their Ecommerce SEO to reel in additional search traffic with properly optimised product pages that address the categories specific to their product.

Saves Time

Find your ideal product quicker and make purchasing decisions with more confidence.

Easy Comparisons

Compare products across different brands and shops with ease.

How to Optimise for the new ‘Filter By’ SERP feature

Structured Data is Crucial

Ensure your product pages use relevant structured data (like product schema markup). This will help Google understand the key attributes of your products, increasing their chances of appearing in filtered searches.

Tailor Your Keywords

Shoppers using filters often have specific requirements. Optimise product listings with long-tail keywords that match those filter options (e.g., "waterproof trainers" rather than just "trainers").

Get Ahead of the Competition

This new feature shows Google's emphasis on smoother product searches. Keep a close eye on changing SERP features to ensure your products stay visible.

The Future of Product Search

Google's "Filter By" feature is a significant step forward for e-commerce. It shows a shift towards more customised and user-friendly searches.  As the feature continues to develop, businesses that quickly learn to use it will have a distinct advantage in the market.