We’re a small team of SEO specialists, not salespeople, passionate about delivering real value.

Portrait photograph in black and white of WebRefresh founder, Luke Thorn.

WebRefresh founder, senior SEO consultant and lover of all things sci-fi, Luke found his passion for SEO kick-off in 2011 after discovering its tremendous impact on his first business. Since then, Luke has been working on creating SEO strategies and processes to develop winning SEO formulas for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Webrefresh employee, Kristian Jones

SEO specialist and crypto extraordinaire Kristian has been with us since the beginning. Specialising in SEO implementation and migrations, Kristian knows what it takes to protect and grow website rankings. Kristian also loves producing music and getting the band together for a session.

We’re passionate problem solvers. Rather than being driven by sales targets, we’re driven by the desire for outstanding growth outcomes for our partners.

Whether you’re ready to start your SEO journey immediately or want to connect to chat about future goals, we’d love to hear your story!


At WebRefresh, we are a specialised SEO agency based in Sydney, dedicated to offering a range of tailored SEO services that propel businesses forward by achieving their organic search traffic goals. Below is a brief on the services we provide:


We offer customised Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) solutions designed for maximum impact. Our seasoned specialists, each with over 5 years of hands-on experience, excel in devising cutting-edge strategies tailored to your unique business needs. We operate on a no long-term contract basis, earning your trust and loyalty through outstanding performance.


Harness the power of SEO to boost your online store's visibility and sales with our Ecommerce SEO services. We craft our services to drive more traffic to your site, enhance your brand's online presence, and ultimately increase your revenue.


Expand your business horizons with our International SEO services. We help in optimising your website for different languages and regions, ensuring that your brand reaches a global audience.


Our Digital PR services aim at building your brand's online reputation and visibility. By creating buzzworthy content and securing media coverage, we ensure that your brand stays in the limelight.


Our Local SEO services are designed to promote your business's visibility on location-based searches. It's ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking to boost foot traffic and local awareness.


Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with our SEO Reporting and analytics services. We provide insightful reports and analytics that help in understanding your SEO performance and areas of improvement.

Ready to elevate your brand's online presence? Talk to our team today and get started on your SEO journey.