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“Since launching the new website and embarking on our SEO campaign we’ve had a lot more bookings this year compared to last year!”



One Fine Day were refered to us by our good friends 'Smack Bang Designs'. The SBD team had just completed a brand new website for One Fine Day and were ready to go live... but with one last hurdle...the old One Fine Day website had some valuable search rankings. It was important to both SmackBang and the One Fine Day team to keep and improve these rankings after switching over to their brand new website. This is where we were able to bring value to the process by partnering with One Fine Day and SBD to build a solid SEO migration + growth plan and in the end it paid for itself!


  • 2 Keywords ranked #1
  • 7 Keywords ranked first page
  • Only ranking highly for Queenstown related search terms
  • Minimal site optimisation


  • Consistently ranking #1 locally and internationally for 'Wedding Planner New Zealand'
  • 8 other keywords ranked #1
  • 14 Keywords ranked first page
  • Site speed optimised by over 200%
  • Multiple other user experience optimisations implemented


SEO is a combination of numerous different factors all coming together to show Google you're the authority on your topic and that you provide the most value to searchers for any particular search phrase.

A lot of these factors have to do with the way an SEO campaign is set up, however some of the factors that really contribute to the success of the campaign are on the client end. Here's a few things that have really stood out to us when considering the success of One Fine Day.

Great PR!:

The One Fine Day team have worked tirelessly over the years on their PR. This combined with great SEO has paid off big time! Inbound links from other websites to your website are super valuable for SEO when harnessed correctly!

Team and Commitment:

The One Fine day team have been committed to pursuing new PR opportunities and keeping their Social Media up to date. When done correctly, these are both great ranking signals to google!