image of the peninsula homes team

“We’re getting new calls and online form enquiries every week, much more than we had before.”


“We’ve now signed several contracts to build new homes that have come specifically from a Google search.”



We were referred to Peninsula Homes by another company '2 Dwell Homes' who are in the same industry but not in competition with Peninsula Homes. At the time we had just completed a simple yet effective website build with integrated Search Engine Optimisation. 2 Dwell Homes were happy with the results and referred us because we ranked them for 'Granny Flat Builders Northern Beaches' along with a number of other keywords after building their new site. It just goes to show, happy customers, are your most valuable marketing asset!

We had one meeting with Peninsula Homes to run them through the SEO process and set expectations and they signed with us shortly after.

Two years on, Peninsula Homes have the best rankings and online presence of any builder in the area. We catch up with the team every week to keep the game plan tight and continually develop their search strategy.


  • Only ranking for a few of their branded search terms as well as some low traffic, low competition search terms
  • Minamal content marketing
  • Minimal social media activity
  • Minimal site content


  • 510% increase in Google search traffic
  • 30 keywords ranked #1
  • 40 Keyword ranked on the first page
  • Now actively posting and engaging with audiences on Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, Youtube and Google +
  • New blogs, case studies, and pages are being developed, optimised and posted every month
  • Beautiful photographic and video showcases being created for every new home


SEO is a combination of numerous different factors all coming together to show Google you're the authority on your topic and that you provide the most value to searchers.

A lot of these factors have to do with the way an SEO campaign is set up, however, some of the factors that really contribute to the success of the campaign are on the client end. Here's a few things that have really stood out to us over the years of working with this amazing team and worked in their favour:


Peninsula Homes as a business were ready to take on the challenge of SEO on a scale that would yield great returns within a decent timeframe. It was the right timing for them because they were ready to do what it takes to get results and they had the capacity and willpower to give SEO the attention it requires. Small business SEO is competitive and hard work and without the right combination of success factors, it's not going to work for everyone.

Team and Commitment:

The Peninsula Homes team are a uniquely dedicated group that is incredibly diligent and have a great team culture. Every step of the way throughout their two+ years of journeying through their SEO campaign with us they have responded quickly to every recommendation we had to offer. Aside from the aforementioned essential elements of the team is the fact that they dedicate headspace and time to responding to our recommendations and collaborating on their online strategy. You would assume that this is the norm for anyone paying a substantial monthly fee for a service like SEO, but no, no it's not. SEO is like a subscription with a personal trainer or health specialist. We can set up the best training plan on the planet and give you the best diet recommendations available but you only get out what you put in. The Peninsula Homes team have shown up to EVERY training session.. and it's paid off!