SEO Case Study: Argent Minerals

Then best marketing money I’ve ever spent!
— Argent Minerals Managing Director

How it all started

The Argent Minerals website needed an urgent update in order to improve it's mobile usability and search engine optimisation.

The company had some stiff competition in the junior explorer mining category and wanted to improve it's exposure in search to make it easier for investors to find them above the competition.

During the mobile site update and migration we implemented SEO targeting keywords supporting silver and copper mining exploration.

Optimisation Type: Once Off


  • Minimal search presence

  • No analytics on any pages meant they were flying blind when it came to understanding where their traffic was coming from or how their website was performing

  • Broken internal links leading to 404 error pages hurting their rankings

  • No optimised page titles or URL's

  • No content optimisation

  • Site not mobile friendly


  • 77% Year on year (2015/2016) increase in Google organic search traffic

  • 12 new keywords now ranked #1-3

  • 190% increase in mobile traffic

  • All broken links fixed or redirected

  • All page titles and content optimised for targeted search phrases

  • Automated reports delivered weekly to help the Argent team stay on top of their ranking and web performance.

Unique Client Success Factors

Content Consistency and Value

Argent Minerals puts a huge amount of work into accurately and comprehensively informing investors about their ongoing exploration efforts. This means they consistently generate a huge amount of valuable and informative content. The flow on affect of this is that they become a valuable resource and authority in their subject area.

Naming Convention Changes

The new site was built with SEO in mind however the Argent team have continued on with our suggested naming conventions long after the site was built. Proper naming conventions that are optimised for SEO can really help Google to properly categorise your site content.

Site Speed

The argent website is hosted on a premium server with caching enabled for everything but their stock widget. This helps the site to load much faster and provide users with a better browsing experience.