SEO Case Study: Edwards And Co

The Plan

The Edwards And Co website had a good level of ranking authority but it wasn’t optimised to rank for national and local keywords that would bring in quality leads. The WebRefresh team conducted detailed national and local keyword research to provide an effective keyword strategy and implementation plan geared towards achieving three seperate ranking goals.

Stage 1: Increase the number of booking enquiries coming in from the website for salons across the country including Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast.

Stage 2: Increase booking enquiries for education programs

Stage 3: Increase online orders for the Edwards And Co shop.


Since completing stage one implementation we’ve seen a comparative 18% quarterly increase in organic search traffic and a 36% increase in booking enquiries from search traffic.

These results came from optimising many on and off site factors however a few key implementation items included:

  • Identifying and targeting the highest value keywords

  • Optimising on-site ranking factors for key pages

  • Researching and acquiring links from competitor link profiles


  • 0 top 3 national rankings for high value salon and hairdressing related keyword
  • Only 4 page one rankings
  • Minimal site optimisation


  • 29 top 3 national rankings for high value salon and hairdressing related keywords (25 of these are #1 rankings)
  • 75 page one national rankings
  • Multiple other user experience optimisations implemented

Ranking Highlights

Ranking Examples:

#1: Hairdressers Melbourne CBD

#1: Hairdresser Surry Hills

#1: Hairdresser Byron Bay

#2: Best Hairdressers Sydney (Top 3 Local Search Results)

#3: Best Hair Salon Sydney (Top 3 Local Search Results)

#3: Best Hair Stylist Sydney (Top 3 Local Search Results)

Unique CLIENT Success Factors

SEO is a combination of numerous different factors all coming together to show Google you're the authority on your topic and that you provide the most value to searchers for any particular search phrase.

A lot of these factors have to do with the way an SEO campaign is set up, however some of the factors that really contribute to the success of the campaign are on the client end. Here's a few things that have really stood out to us when considering the success of Edwards And Co.

Consistent Site Development:

The Edwards And Co team brought on a dedicated development partner with the focus on continually analysing and improving site user experience and performance.

Team and Commitment:

The Edwards And Co team have been committed to pursuing new PR opportunities and keeping their Social Media up to date. When done correctly, these are both great ranking signals to google!

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