SEO Case Study: Stack Panel

We now realise how important our organic search rankings are for business!
— Scott Dawson | Marketing Director

How it all Started

The Stack Panel team were losing rankings and sales after migrating to a new website built by another company. Scott got in touch with us to see what we could do to help and the results speak for themselves:


  • 0 Keywords ranked #1
  • 0 Keywords ranked first page
  • No traffic from Organic Search
  • Minimal on site optimisation


  • 28 keyword ranking increases
  • 47 keywords ranked first page
  • An additional 300+ visitors per month from organic search within just one month of starting their SEO campaign

Unique Client Success Factors

SEO is a combination of numerous different factors all coming together to show Google you're the authority on your topic and that you provide the most value to searchers for any particular search phrase.

A lot of these factors have to do with the way an SEO campaign is set up, however some of the factors that really contribute to the success of the campaign are on the client end. Here's a few things that have really stood out to us when considering the success of Stack Panel:

Great Partnerships:

The Stack Panel team are great at creating industry partnerships. This skill has really helped them to excel online when coupled with intelligent link acquisition techniques and opportunities identified by the WebRefresh team.

Great Content:

The Stack Panel team listened to our content recommendations and were quick to implement our recommended pages on all product pages. Detailed, readable and optimised content is a huge factor in achieving great rankings!