Refreshing or moving your website? Do you want to grow your Google search rankings and avoid losing the ones you already have?... We've got you covered!


The Problem:

Website Changes Affect Rankings..

Your new website is going to look and feel great but it's important to properly optimise and migrate your SEO data and value from your old website to your new website. We protect rankings by properly optimising and migrating:

+ Changes to site structure and URL's

+ Page layout, functionality and content changes

+ Metadata changes

+ ... and many other changes that affect your rankings.

The Solution:

WebRefresh SEO!

We provide essential SEO support at every step of the site design, development and launch process to give your new site the best chance at retaining its search rankings after launch and allow you to build on them into the future:

+ Keyword and competition research

+ SEO design and development audits during site build

+ Managed SEO migration

+ Detailed ranking and traffic reports post migration


The Process

Stage 1 - Discovery

Let's take the time to first learn about the business goals, team, capacity, keyword ideas and the competition associated with your website as these are key to a successful migration.

After we have a clear picture of the above and have been able to help you to make an informed decision on the keywords you would like to target, we'll then provide you with a service agreement which will contain:

+ An overview of the current situation and communicated objectives
+ The details of the service most suited to you and the service pricing

Let's get started!:

Name *
Aside from simply retaining your existing rankings, let us know what would define the success of any ongoing SEO efforts:
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Current stage of site development *
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We love to understand as much as we can about you and your business. Tell us in a few sentences who you are and what you do:
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How regularly will your team be able to produce valuable content for your website?
What keywords are you currently ranking for?
What additional keywords do you think may be valuable for your website to be ranking in Google for? List as many keywords as you like:
Who do you see as your main competitors?

Stage 2 - Ongoing analysis and recommendations during site design and development

We review your site during and after it's design and development stages and provide detailed low level optimisation suggestions after each stage of the site development process (Content Specification / Web Design / Web Development).

Starting the SEO review process as early as possible can help to save you in additional development costs for SEO later on. We then review your site again during and after it's been developed and create a list of further technical based recommendations for implementation prior to going live.

Stage 3 - SEO migration to your new site

Once your site is optimised and ready to go live, we help you to ensure as much SEO value from your old pages is properly passed through to your newly developed pages so that there is minimal to no loss of your existing rankings. We do this by:

+ Assisting with 301 Redirects
+ Assisting with submission of your Google Search Console changes
+ Identifying your most valuable inbound links for redirection at the source

Stage 4 - Results reporting

Once your new site goes live it is important to monitor your rankings and website traffic in order to understand the impact of your migration. We provide you with ranking and analytics reports during and after the migration.