The Process

Stage 1 - Discovery

Let's take the time to first learn about your business goals, team, capacity, keyword ideas and competition. This will help us to understand a little bit more about your business, how we can help and if we're the right match!

Let's get started!:

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Only required if moving to a new domain name.
We love to understand as much as we can about you and your business. Tell us in a few sentences who you are and what you do:
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PR and online content are a big part of SEO. Below are a few important elements for gaining a great presence in Google search. Which of the following can be fulfilled from within your existing team?
How regularly will your team be able to produce valuable content for your website?
What keywords are you currently ranking for?
What additional keywords do you think may be valuable for your website to be ranking in Google for? List as many keywords as you like:

Stage 2 - Formal Proposal

After we've discussed the information provided in step one and we can see that we're the right match, we will then go on to develop a formal SEO Proposal. Your proposal will include valuable insights and recommendations on your website, keywords and competition as well as pricing and your customised SEO service offering.

From your proposal you will be able to understand how we intend to rank your website while also getting an idea of the competitive landscape and the recommended partnership options.

Stage 3 - Signup

If we can both see that we're the right match and you're eager to get a start we’ll send you through a contract for signing.

Stage 4 - crush the competition!

Once you’re all signed up we’ll get started by developing detailed low level SEO tasks and begin campaign execution, collaboration, weekly catchups and monthly reporting.