So how do we improve your rankings?

Ideas For Improving Overall Rankings

With regard to ideas on improving overall rankings, there’s no silver bullet. The key is consistency in improving all SEO signals over time to the point that your website is the clear leader above the competition in all signals. Below are just a few SEO signals that that can always be improved on. We coach our clients through each of these and assist to execute on them on an ongoing basis.

  • Content freshness
  • Content quality
  • Social signals (content and social interaction e.g. 5 star Google + reviews and +1 shares)
  • Site speed
  • Site structure and metadata
  • Site errors
  • Site accessibility (mobile compatibility and usability)
  • Referrer link quality, quantity and relevance

Rankings are a popularity contest and the judge is Google. As SEO professionals we’re a lot like personal trainers that will help you to focus on what it takes to beat the competition by creating a training plan, collaboratively working with you on your site and measuring your progress.


Recommended Next Steps


1. Ensure your new website is built with SEO in mind. Our pre-purchased $1,000 developer consulting will allow us to have a decent amount of time (10 hours or so) to look through the new CMS and provide SEO feedback to you and your developers on the implementation before it goes live. This is a pre-emptive once over.


2. We’ll help assist your devs in a smooth switchover by analysing your existing SEO footprint and making sure that as much of the great "SEO juice” from your old site is transferred over to your new site. Please note that we don’t control rankings so there’s always the possibility they may bounce around for any number of reasons however our aim is to reduce that risk as much as possible by paying close attention to all SEO factors involved.


3. If you’re keen to beat your competition and remain on top then we can help you get and stay there through a monthly SEO programme which is $1,000/month ongoing. We invite you to compare us with other SEO companies because we’re completely confident that you get way more value with us than with anyone else.


Looking forward to talking with you further!