WebRefresh Startup SEO Packages


Startup SEO Service Details:

+ Audit of current assets (to be completed in the first month) & SEO task list creation

+ Weekly Skype or phone catch ups with your team to help maintain a tight schedule

+ Campaign reports delivered monthly

+ Keyword tracking for up to 100 keywords

+ Ongoing analysis & optimisation of your campaign assets

+ Consulting on website & social media content optimisation

+ Reporting on analysis findings, optimisation efforts & Search Engine rankings for your keyword phrases

+ Competitor tracking for up to 3 competing websites

+ Webmaster support for basic technical issues relating to website SEO requirements

+ Social media tracking & reporting

What you're really getting:

A Digital Marketing Partner

A dedicated digital marketing partner who knows that your success is our success!

Improved Business Intelligence

Improved business intelligence through ongoing professional analysis of your competition, website and conversion stats.

Improved Brand Image and Visibility

Improved brand image as a side product of increased attention to your online content and promotion.

Higher Traffic and Conversions

As higher rankings are achieved, you can expect to receive higher traffic from customers that are actively looking for your product or service.



We know the struggle and sleepless nights required to get your startup baby into a profitable state...that's why we've created special pricing for startups.

Pricing Notes:

+ Our SEO pricing is based on a project by project basis relative to your needs and the level of service required.

+ Different websites will have the ability to get different results within different time periods. Your website must realistically be able to achieve ranking results within the allotted time period in order to be eligible for your desired package. Request a free assessment/quote below in order to see if you're site is eligible.


Package #1 - A nudge in the right direction

$4,500 over 3 months

This package is only suitable for startups with a strong pre-existing web presence consisting of a large content base and link profile. Your site and content need some professional tweaking for targeting competitive, higher volume keywords. 


Package #2 - Steady guidance

$6,000 over 6 months

This package is suitable for startups who have a moderate to strong web presence but require medium term assistance getting their site, content and link profile up to scratch in order to become competitive.

Package #3 - Here to stay

$9,600 over 12 months

This package is suitable for new and existing startups wishing to invest in a long term SEO strategy and partnership in order to work up to and obtain long lasting rankings for truly dominating your search landscape.

You're here to stay and you understand the value of organic search results for your business long term.

Our Difference:

We Listen:

We put a lot of time, thought and effort into truly trying to understand your business and goals. Most companies simply don’t or won’t do this.

Better Reporting:

After we’ve worked together to truly understand those goals, we report on them! Our reports aren't mindless auto generated vanity metrics; they’re reports with insights specifically related to your business goals

Better Communication:

All communication and project execution is provided by the one team, based in Australia.

What will be required from you:

It's important to understand that SEO requires a consistent and collaborative approach in order to achieve results. Achieving success in your campaign (improved visibility for valuable keywords) will require your team to have the capacity to:

  • Create great website content on a consistent basis

    • WebRefresh will provide consistent direction on the types of content required to achieve your ranking goals as well as managed optimisation for each piece of content before it goes live.

  • Consistently promote your website content via social media

    • We'll help you get started with social content brainstorming and scheduling.

  • Allocate PR capacity to acquire valuable inbound links from other websites to your website e.g. links from influential blogs, case studies, magazines and newspapers.

    • We will help you to take advantage of existing links that are not being utilised as well as consistently identifying new linking opportunities.

  • Have a short 10 minute weekly Skype or phone catchup with your WebRefresh account manager to discuss SEO tasks and progress