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Local Business SEO: Case by case - between: $1,600 - $2,200 5% Between: $80 - $110
Competitive Business SEO: $2,500 10% $250
E-Commerce SEO: $2,500 10% $250
Advanced Business SEO: $2,700 10% $270
Advanced Multi Location SEO: $3,200 10% $320
Advanced E-Commerce SEO: $5,500 10% $550
Reputation Management SEO: $2,500 10% $250


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STEP 3 - Warm Handover:

We've developed some simple email templates you can use to introduce us to your client and get the ball rolling. Simply choose which email template you would like to use or feel free to create your own.


Email Template Example 1:

Great for cold outreach:

Hi [Client Name], I'm just getting in touch because I thought it might be a good idea to introduce you to our SEO guru's as they're currently offering a free SEO audit for all [Your Company Name Here] clients.  [WebRefresh Account Manager First Name] and the team from WebRefresh have some great SEO success stories and are very easy to work with.  [WebRefresh Account Manager First Name] is cc'd in here and [he's/she's] someone we trust when it comes to SEO. [WebRefresh Account Manager Name], [Client Name] is a good friend of [Referring Company Name] and is potentially in need of some SEO help down the track with their website. Over to you two. Thanks, [Your Name] 

Email Template Example 2:

Great for use after recent contact:

Hi [Client Name],  So lovely chatting with you today!  As mentioned I wanted to introduce you to our SEO guru - [WebRefresh Account Manager Name] is cc'd in here and [he's/she's] the bee's knees.  [WebRefresh Account Manager Name], [Client Name] is a good friend of [Referring Company Name] and is potentially in need of some SEO help down the track with their website.  Over to you two legends.  Thanks, [Your Name] 





we help Your clients achieve their goals


Since completing stage one implementation we’ve seen a comparative 18% quarterly increase in organic search traffic and a 36% increase in booking enquiries from search traffic.

These results came from optimizing many on and off site factors however a few key implementation items included:

Identifying and targeting the highest value keywords

Optimising on-site ranking factors for key pages

Researching and acquiring links from competitor link profiles


29 top 3 national rankings for high value salon and hairdressing related keywords (25 of these are #1 rankings)

75 page one national rankings

Key wording success:

#1: Hairdressers Melbourne CBD

#1: Hairdresser Surry Hills

#1: Hairdresser Byron Bay

#2: Best Hairdressers Sydney (Top 3 Local Search Results)

#3: Best Hair Salon Sydney (Top 3 Local Search Results)

#3: Best Hair Stylist Sydney (Top 3 Local Search Results)

Edwards and Co Case Study

One Fine Day.jpg

One Fine Day were referred to us by our good friends 'Smack Bang Designs'. The SBD team had just completed a brand new website for One Fine Day and were ready to go live... but with one last hurdle...the old One Fine Day website had some valuable search rankings. It was important to both SmackBang and the One Fine Day team to keep and improve these rankings after switching over to their brand new website.

This is where we were able to bring value to the process by working with One Fine Day and SBD to build a solid SEO migration + growth plan and in the end it paid for itself!


Consistently ranking #1 locally and internationally for 'Wedding Planner New Zealand'

8 other keywords ranked #1

14 Keywords ranked first page

Site speed optimised by over 200%

Multiple other user experience optimisations implemented

Argent Minerals.jpg

Argent Minerals

"The best marketing money I've ever spent"

- Argent Minerals Managing Director

The Argent Minerals website needed an urgent update in order to improve it's mobile usability and search engine optimisation.

The company had some stiff competition in the junior explorer mining category and wanted to improve it's exposure in search to make it easier for investors to find them above the competition.

During the mobile site update and migration we implemented SEO targeting keywords supporting silver and copper mining exploration.


77% Year on year (2015/2016) increase in Google organic search traffic

12 new keywords now ranked #1-3

190% increase in mobile traffic

All broken links fixed or redirected

All page titles and content optimised for targeted search phrases

Automated reports delivered weekly to help the Argent team stay on top of their ranking and web performance.