Moving to a new website? Don’t want to lose your Google rankings?... We've got you covered!


The Problem:

Your Google search rankings often account for a large percentage of your overall website traffic so it’s important to make sure they stick around after moving to your brand new website.

Launching a brand new website is like Christmas coming early, however your google search rankings are like the party guest who bails last minute unless you give them constant followups and special attention...not cool!

The Solution:

The WebRefresh Business SEO Package provides you with professional support for the following items to make your new site launch or domain move goes off without a hitch.

  • Site host and DNS migration assistance to ensure the switchover happens without any downtime.

  • Professional SEO analysis and insights for each page of your new website

  • A custom redirect plan to ensure you retain all valuable links to your website

  • Sitemap generation and change of address submission to help Google get with the program quickly

  • Site speed optimisation assistance to help give your website visitors and the Google bot a great first impression!

  • Google Analytics check and install to make sure you're tracking your website performance and ROI

  • Reporting on rankings and your top 3 competitors to help you keep track of your site traffic and rankings in the lead up to and post site launch.

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